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Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

With our state of the art warehouse management system, we can integrate with your sales platform and fulfill your orders in the same day-- we help you take care of your customers so you can also take care of your business. We grow side by side. 

Amazon FBA

With the many checkpoints involved in being an Amazon seller, you can now offload the shipping details to us while you focus on your listings and growing your sales. We know the health of your account means everything to your bottom line. Let us help free your time. 

Logistics Consultation

Are you happy with your current fulfillment system? Are you ready to make a change or have room for improvement in your operation? Think you are too big, too small, too short staffed? Let's talk through it all so you are prepared and informed. It's your business-- we can help. 

A Superior West Coast Connection

We are your warehousing and fulfillment connection to the west coast without the west coast culture. Our warehouse is located in a small town that grounded, down to earth families call home. Welcome to a place where loyalty, honesty and integrity reign supreme. We are staffed with incredible employees who care about you and their work. The world is getting smaller-- let us connect you to everywhere right from our home town. 

We believe in a simple, honest start and we are committed to a brilliant and bright future in Idaho and in warehousing. 

Once famous for potatoes, Idaho has busted out of the farming stigma and has become one of the fastest growing states in the union. Stars, like Oprah, have winter homes there and the economy is booming, making it an ideal state to locate your fulfillment operation.

Officially the Gem State, it’s a NW state nestled conveniently to reach all the NW, West Coast, and Midwest within a day. Like nearby states to the north, you’re also not far away from Canada to reach those valuable markets.

As an added bonus, the safety record in Idaho is usually exceptional. Perhaps you’ve never considered the natural disaster prospect when it comes to the fulfillment center you choose. Idaho isn’t usually known for having as many natural disasters as other regions. It’s always better off to pick a safe state for your 3PL since you need to keep your fulfillment center running at all times. If they close down, then you don’t get your packages delivered to customers.

Why Idaho is Great for Your 3PL and Fulfillment Warehousing

Idaho is a uniquely beautiful state with diverse geography and amazing views. While Idaho is known worldwide for its famous potatoes, there is much more to the Northwestern state. Idaho has a growing economy and burgeoning technology industry. Idaho is a prime location for a business hub, with low costs for business and energy, and an extensive infrastructure aimed at making it easy for companies to access their markets.

Since Idaho shares a border with Canada, it is the perfect state choice for Western Canadian companies that want to do business with the U.S. It is particularly a good fulfillment location for companies based in Alberta, since Alberta and Idaho are right next to each other, but is also well positioned for Canadian companies within the British Columbia region.

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